Unlock Pantech PX-500 / MOBI

Pantech as one owner in the world of telecommunications that has a lot of products such as the modem has been working with several operators in the world such as Verizon, Sprint in the U.S. and also Mobile-8 in Indonesia.

Mobile-8 is issued with the name MOBI products work with Pantech, one of the product made MOBI package is PX-500 which is biased EVDO data access. Clearly and specifically with technology-based EVDO broadband connection can pamper customers with high-speed data access.(User Manual PX-500)
Verizon, Sprint, MOBI, TATA, and more cellular operators in the world are already testing the reliability of the Pantech PX-500 is, for loyal customers with service packages then the modem will be the key.

To open the lock of your modem you must first upgrade PX-500 modem to UTStarcom 5750, we provide the following modem unlock tricks PX-500.
1. PX-500 Upgrade: PX-500 to PC5750 Crack.zip
2. Enter the new PRL (according to the operator that you want)can use cdma workshop,for Indonesian operator you can download the PRL writer.
3. To enter or change the ESN number you can use QPST, CDMA-workshop, or Uni CDMA , use the password 101010101010101,
4. To change the user name and password to use bitpim and hex editor, edit the file in the directory / / nvm / num.
5. Make sure you get the A-key of the service you want, there are some operators who use the SSD-A and SSD-B. To enter A-key using A-key writer.

If done correctly will unlock will work.

Solution Unlock Huawei

Why do many people fail in doing flash or unlock huawei ?

This article I want to give a bit of experience and also had a theory of flashing Huawei phone.
Most of us are failing due to a halt during a flash, so flashing is not done perfectly, so we phone flash or unlock a death total.

How to avoid it?

1. Use Pure Serial cable from a PC Com port (DB-9), and remember the cable must be connected to the       voltage Vcc, either external or we can simply take the USB Vcc.
2. If you find that our computer device or a laptop does not have a serial port, use USB to serial cable is correct. Use the cable that had been converted from a DKU-5 with type S / N: WT048000317, because this type of cable has been using the output from the USB Vcc. If you change yourself DKU-5 cable into your Huawei data cable is only necessary to connect all 4 cables, others you can ignore. ( Fig. you can download the http://www.servicecdma.co.cc or http://www.mobiletekno.co.cc ).
3. Use the correct driver, because the moment you enter the USB cable to the computer will be detected by the computer as new hardware with a request to the USB to Serial cable driver, you can download yourself in http://servicecdma.co.cc or http://www.mobiletekno.co.cc .
4. If the driver is installed you should check the Com ports via device manager control panel system. The position of the right port must be less than com 5, if more than 5 com you should remove it manually.

If you have a phone Huawei had already died because of flash, you actually can still flash back, because usually if you flash the wrong computer can still detect phone, or by pressing the # key + 2 + at the same power that is in a position phone download mode.
To erase files and repair your Huawei can download for free at http://servicecdma.co.cc or http://www.mobiletekno.co.cc .
*** Mistakes are learning to succeed.

Unlock Haier

Haier has recently collaborated with some CDMA operator in Indonesia and in several other countries. Here I will give some way to unlock it brand Haier,
1. Unlock Haier C2000

Download and extract the flash file C2000 unlock & driver Haier, Mini USB cable plugs in it to connect with a PC, point it to drivers coming from you downloaded earlier.
Look at the Device manager on windows system, make sure that the drivers are installed you can see the port. When detected on com port 5 and above, we suggest moving to a lower com, eg, com 4, COM3, etc., to prevent errors when flashing.
Click Dloaderlite.exe file, select the flash file C2000_unlock.bin, select the position used Haier com. Tick column NV backup and restore, and press the start button.
For your dead phone just tick off line mode column.

2. Unlock Haier C6000

To do this type unlock very easy, you live operator input card luggage ( flexi to Indonesia ), then typing the code * 32 # 00 # then call. Search minlock then select minlock off. Done please try with another card.

3. Unlock Haier c2001

Download flash files just because the composition of c2001 with C6000, do like flash Haier C2000 flash file above is only replaced with the downloaded earlier. When finished do like unlock Haier C6000.

If there is a problem you enter comments in this column, I'll help.