Modem CDMA Cheap

Nowadays a lot of good operators who are competing in terms of price and connection speed internet access, most of them work with third parties to sell the CDMA device with the price of Rp.400, 000 to Rp.600, 000. Of course, we as the user is not necessarily all of them can enjoy the cheap internet access.
Here I will tell the friend all that we really do not have to buy a modem that is too expensive, we still can make inexpensive Internet access devices with very very cheap.

Most of us are always teacher anymore on the modem card to buy expensive, but many Hand phone information with the system on the market that inject cheap. As I bought Motorola T720 Hand phone Rp.75.000 prices, data cable I bought 50,000, flexi card purchase Rp.5000 filled with 15,000 pulses, the total Rp.120.000 we can already use the internet flexinet.

I suppose that over the internet with your use flexi, I think with any operator would be cheaper. If you use the MOBI from MOBILE-8 the count would be much cheaper.

Some of my modem is recommended for Internet access are:
1. Motorola various type of sprint and verizon, download  here
2. Samsung various type of sprint and verizon, download  here
3. Motorola various type of sprint and verizon, download  here
4. Audiovox / Curitel type of sprint and verizon, download  here
5. Sanyo  type of sprint and verizon, download  here
6. Kyocera  type of sprint and verizon, download  here

Maybe there are still many other brands and types you can use.

Unlock Wimode Sungil SXC-1080

Some time ago Bakrie Telecom Esia CDMA service issued a product cheaper Internet services wimode, he said wimode is a service high speed internet access with cheap rates.
I as a user when the viking king was very disappointed with wimode Internet access, it is not like in the ad. What I experienced was a low speed, high cost, perhaps in other places are not like that. But honestly I was disappointed.

Finally I find a solution to these wimode I can use another card because I have a modem that SUNGIL SXC-1080 was in lock. Finally I get a solution and I sungil Wimode other operators can be used but with the way in inject.

I've provided for my friends who want to unlock Wimode SXC-1080,

1. Download cc cleaner to clean the old registry to the window.
2. Download drivers SXC-1080 download from here link
3. Download cdma workshop to change the RUIM be Inject, change ESN, PRL includes service on the modems.
4. Download file tool SXC-1080 unlock,
5. Download Flash files for modem SXC-1080 (only used if 1 to 4 are still not able to   signal the operator).
** The difficulties downloading Cantact with email.

Before doing the installation, we uninstall the old drivers from the cd wimode innate, then use cc_cleaner to clean the registry files, then install the downloaded driver. After all done using SXC-1080 unlock, unlock your stay just clik and then close, let the modem restart, wait a while, if the red indicator turned blue sign that you are able to signal the operator, you can use cdma workshop to see where the modem service received.

If I do have my items to 5 (to flash the modem), but when I do unlock for the other modem I do not use it, because it could be a signal. Incidentally I now use SXC-1080 using weekly flexinet Rp15.000, 00 to 128 kbps speeds, sometimes also use of mobi from MOBILE-8.

Create a new connection, via add connections, do not use the software to dial wimode up.Harus also note that SXC-1080 that I use is the first version, because he SXC-1080 there are several versions on the market.


In the data from phone to computer or vice versa sometimes our difficulties because we have to install some software pcsuite is depending on the brand phone.
Sometimes as often replace the phone we always add remove programs to restore the PC performa us, or let it happen so that the error can not even connect to the phone because the crash.

In Ponsel CDMA, mobile phones have some BREW menu, the folder in the phone menu this is usually put files - files that can be taken for or added. But there is also a CDMA mobile phone does not have this menu, do not worry phoncel without the Brew still can connect with in our computer.

One of them we can use the software BITPIM or use easycdma, many of them are running for the upload and download files - mobile phone files.

1. Download software BITPIM,
2. Install the software until it is finished,
3. After the install finished RUN program earlier BITPIM
4. Log in to the View menu, ceklis filesystem view,
5. Go to the Edit menu, settings, search type ponsl you do not forget to select the com port it. If you type your phone is not registered in the list, just select "other cdma phone", then click Ok.
6. Now you click on the file menu to the left window, then click the triangle sign in the middle of the folder, wait until slesai read.
7. If you are finished reading you will see many folders, you click one by one until you can see the files you want, find the folder that the phone memory if you use external memory.

Using easycdma.
1. Download software + crack easy cdma
2. Extract the file and then install it according to instructions.
3. Once finished Run easy cdma program that has been installed before
4. Open help about easycdma
5. Register with a user name and password which is given in the txt file.

Now you can add or reduce the content of the files in the phone only with two software above.

It's easy - all that you have no difficulty in using the software before, I have a problem you can write in ShoutMix chat or post in the command post.


Some time ago, Flexi's PT. Telkom Indonesia posel out the package with the cost between 1 (one) number with flexi bermerk ZTE CDMA mobile phone C321 type. Similarly MOBILE-8 also with ZTE C300 and C306, is also highly in demand in the market. The ZTE just sit on top with some CDMA operator.

ZTE (Zhongxingxin Telecommunications Equipment Co) is no longer a foreign brand product again for us (huh ???), so cheap Ponsel the rather good in fact this is already good enough market segment to compete with some other brand that is also from China, such as Nexian or Huawei, especially now there are PT. ZTE INDONESIA place in the East Building 27 Mega Kuningan Jakarta 10220.

Market in Indonesia is a soft market for the trademark holder, but may be little concern for the CDMA operator (times ... ..). Besides mobile phones, ZTE also spent some product to access data services such as GSM Modem HSDPA, Modem CDMA EV-DO, also the plane Fix Wirelles Phone, etc..

Ok, now I will give what I have how do we unlock the ZTE package FLEXI KOMPAS ZTE C339 ... ... ... ... eh ... briefly. We are his brothers first ZTE C321 namely, all the same and ZTE C300 and ZTE C306 in Packet fren from MOBILE-8.

Pinouts for cable data ZTE please you take here and here

ZTE C321 type to have some version of the software, to find out when your code is * 983 * 837 # on your phone. Do not see the original version Unlock suddenly full dad his mobile phone. You will see one version of this:

Select which version you ponsel for direct download.

TELKOM_C321_RNTL 35NV1.0.2 B01
TELKOM_C321_RNTL 35NV1.0.3 B01
TELKOM_C321_RNTL 35NV1.0.2 B02

Please download it directly in the hope that is not experiencing difficulties.
Create your never wrong you please try to unlock flash repair its files here. Or you can also with-me-only restore it to its NV.

To type ZTE C306 and ZTE C300 you simply take the file it under.
ZTE C-300 Unlock
ZTE C-306 unlock

For the new version ZTE -C321 and ZTE-C306 can also use this.

Hopefully everything is smooth and there is no error, so that we can use the card for all your service. How?

For you who have ZTE MC0000 error, you can use the flash file below!
C321 Repair part 1
C321 Repair part 2
C321 repair part 3

You wait some more time Allah will give me the unlock ZTE C339 kompas on a different article. Often just drop you in this Blog ok ... .. do not get behind.
Special thnx to mr. brokensword


Re-entry unlock C2807

In respect of the case, then some time link cdma huawei unlock can not be open by the friends of all. This time I deliberately repeat articles about mobile phone unlock huawei C2807 type due to a request via email.

Please let me back that the software unlock is only for learning we are, and hopefully can help people and not for business or commercial interests.

Unlock Huawei C2807 for: Slank 1, Slank 2, FU, BALI, NGOCEH 2
All Free ...

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Is the same as the post I have given the software because it is the same.
Please you can download it again when you do not have.

To add a new article, please join and give commentary.


TEST MODEM done on Pantech Mobi Packet sell

After introducing the GSM 3G era that began enjoyed by people in Indonesia although only a few big cities only, we are finally introduced with the new technology called HSDPA, the data access speed of up to 3.2 Mbps. Seemingly does not want to lose CDMA has also been set up weapons be EV-DO and EV-DV.
CDMA 2000 1x technology is still the alternative to GSM and GPRS technology, known as 2G/2.5G. In the era of 3G, technology, CDMA 2000-1x will be evolved into CDMA EV-DO and CDMA EV-DV.
OK, now we will discuss about the EV-DO is used by the MOBILE-8 at the time of this product with a name in the Mobi. Indeed, some operators have already issued the EV-DO technology, such as this and also StarOne SMART. But I only do testing to keep the signal on this Mobi only, and may indeed not what I do also praktekan bias in the service, such as SMART or StarOne.
The discussion this time I as I want to give you how to stabilize the signal EV-DO Broadband Mobi. This is only my praktekan try to connect my modem to use Mobi Pantech PX-1500 and its results was quite good, I usually drop out of the way but can not anymore.
This trick may also be used to CDMA modem other than the Pantech PX-1500 Packet of mobile-8.

This is very traditional but the smell modern times ... ... ....
1. Prepare the strip CD / VCD / DVD that is not used anymore, but it should be the original or the surface of silver (not a blank CD).

2. Enter cd to perforation of the antenna on the modem, that modemnya must use an extension cord is not nempel in your PC or laptop. If using an extension cord must be of high quality cable, because cable is usually a low quality modems result in error or not terdetesi.

For more details please donload
>>>>>>>>> here <<<<<<<<<<<

Yap .... with just two easy steps that now I no longer lack of signal Broadband, a very easy.

Sorry I do not discuss here the reason why only the signal bits cd just so good and more stable, you can search for materials are used to make a cd so that it can strip to add EV-DO signal.

Troubleshooting & Unlock CDMA Nexian

Due to the large number of CDMA mobile phone Nexian with different type, then we will be here a little membahasnya. In general, this phone is not much different from the mobile phone, china mobile phone, in general, ranging from the cheap price, feature the full rate is friendly to use, especially now it is out products that are similar to BlackBarry.

Price offered by the manufacturer is will be spend pocket too much because they are usually in cooperation with both parties in this case the Provider, such as CDMA Mobile-8, Esia, Flexi GSM provider and also as a program with BUNDLING XL.

Damage to the Nexian occurred because PCB is generally used very thin, so bad was not too difficult, which we are a little courage. Rarely occurs because of damage softwatre error, but most occur due to excessive heat, stored in a pants pocket, a result that is the thin PCB because some components on the board does not stick to it.

Here we will only provide ways of overcoming the damage because the damage that occurred because it is a quality of material used by the PCB Nexian.

Here I give tips and tricks you perform before flashing the firmware, you die because HP is not necessarily damage the software.

That happens frequently CASE
- SOME KEY Keypad not function
- Appears only initialisation
- Restart
- only glowing keypad
- total dad (EVEN IF glowing keypad GAK) NOT FOR ANY OF FLASH

The solution
- SOME KEY Keypad not function = REHOT CPU ONLY
- only command initialisation REHOT = CPU FLASH IC FLASH ROM ULANG ONLY CP
- only glowing keypad = "Blue"] REHOT CPU FLASH IC FLASH ROM CP ULANG ONLY [/ color]
- total dad (EVEN IF glowing keypad GAK) NOT FOR ANY OF FLASH = "Blue" REHOT CPU FLASH IC FLASH ROM CP ULANG ONLY [/ color]

- be carefull in REHOT doing, DO NOT TOO LAMA (2 min), evenly Strive In, in continuous flux
- Strive REHOT CHECK IN AFTER DIRECT, Modem BATRE, press ON glowing keypad MUST BE MORE OF 2 sec, IF MORE FROM glowing keypad sec 2, DOS REHOT BACK
- Glowing keypad AFTER BEFORE IN ON 2 sec, FUNction to do the order for FLASH ROM succes CP. The problem is caused false CP FLASH ROM CAN NOT accept POSITION IN CPU
- DO NOT do it BOOT FLASH IC FLASH POSITION If the weak can full dad (MUST LABTOOL).
- Repeat Again failing how way THE ABOVE

You can download the software for free Nexian here:

Nexian tutorial
USB Drivers part I
USB Drivers part II
I Viapim Setup
I Viapim Setup

I'm so over the files before us is only for learning only, because I assumes, we buy something that is right for us to make anything any earlier. I am pleased that in this blog we can together to exchange ideas and learn together for the betterment da INDONESIA Prosperity, we must remember not to be a big Burden to the small but we can still help him.

Hopefully God can increase our knowledge together .......... Amen.