Some time ago, Flexi's PT. Telkom Indonesia posel out the package with the cost between 1 (one) number with flexi bermerk ZTE CDMA mobile phone C321 type. Similarly MOBILE-8 also with ZTE C300 and C306, is also highly in demand in the market. The ZTE just sit on top with some CDMA operator.

ZTE (Zhongxingxin Telecommunications Equipment Co) is no longer a foreign brand product again for us (huh ???), so cheap Ponsel the rather good in fact this is already good enough market segment to compete with some other brand that is also from China, such as Nexian or Huawei, especially now there are PT. ZTE INDONESIA place in the East Building 27 Mega Kuningan Jakarta 10220.

Market in Indonesia is a soft market for the trademark holder, but may be little concern for the CDMA operator (times ... ..). Besides mobile phones, ZTE also spent some product to access data services such as GSM Modem HSDPA, Modem CDMA EV-DO, also the plane Fix Wirelles Phone, etc..

Ok, now I will give what I have how do we unlock the ZTE package FLEXI KOMPAS ZTE C339 ... ... ... ... eh ... briefly. We are his brothers first ZTE C321 namely, all the same and ZTE C300 and ZTE C306 in Packet fren from MOBILE-8.

Pinouts for cable data ZTE please you take here and here

ZTE C321 type to have some version of the software, to find out when your code is * 983 * 837 # on your phone. Do not see the original version Unlock suddenly full dad his mobile phone. You will see one version of this:

Select which version you ponsel for direct download.

TELKOM_C321_RNTL 35NV1.0.2 B01
TELKOM_C321_RNTL 35NV1.0.3 B01
TELKOM_C321_RNTL 35NV1.0.2 B02

Please download it directly in the hope that is not experiencing difficulties.
Create your never wrong you please try to unlock flash repair its files here. Or you can also with-me-only restore it to its NV.

To type ZTE C306 and ZTE C300 you simply take the file it under.
ZTE C-300 Unlock
ZTE C-306 unlock

For the new version ZTE -C321 and ZTE-C306 can also use this.

Hopefully everything is smooth and there is no error, so that we can use the card for all your service. How?

For you who have ZTE MC0000 error, you can use the flash file below!
C321 Repair part 1
C321 Repair part 2
C321 repair part 3

You wait some more time Allah will give me the unlock ZTE C339 kompas on a different article. Often just drop you in this Blog ok ... .. do not get behind.
Special thnx to mr. brokensword

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