In the data from phone to computer or vice versa sometimes our difficulties because we have to install some software pcsuite is depending on the brand phone.
Sometimes as often replace the phone we always add remove programs to restore the PC performa us, or let it happen so that the error can not even connect to the phone because the crash.

In Ponsel CDMA, mobile phones have some BREW menu, the folder in the phone menu this is usually put files - files that can be taken for or added. But there is also a CDMA mobile phone does not have this menu, do not worry phoncel without the Brew still can connect with in our computer.

One of them we can use the software BITPIM or use easycdma, many of them are running for the upload and download files - mobile phone files.

1. Download software BITPIM,
2. Install the software until it is finished,
3. After the install finished RUN program earlier BITPIM
4. Log in to the View menu, ceklis filesystem view,
5. Go to the Edit menu, settings, search type ponsl you do not forget to select the com port it. If you type your phone is not registered in the list, just select "other cdma phone", then click Ok.
6. Now you click on the file menu to the left window, then click the triangle sign in the middle of the folder, wait until slesai read.
7. If you are finished reading you will see many folders, you click one by one until you can see the files you want, find the folder that the phone memory if you use external memory.

Using easycdma.
1. Download software + crack easy cdma
2. Extract the file and then install it according to instructions.
3. Once finished Run easy cdma program that has been installed before
4. Open help about easycdma
5. Register with a user name and password which is given in the txt file.

Now you can add or reduce the content of the files in the phone only with two software above.

It's easy - all that you have no difficulty in using the software before, I have a problem you can write in ShoutMix chat or post in the command post.

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