Unlock Wimode Sungil SXC-1080

Some time ago Bakrie Telecom Esia CDMA service issued a product cheaper Internet services wimode, he said wimode is a service high speed internet access with cheap rates.
I as a user when the viking king was very disappointed with wimode Internet access, it is not like in the ad. What I experienced was a low speed, high cost, perhaps in other places are not like that. But honestly I was disappointed.

Finally I find a solution to these wimode I can use another card because I have a modem that SUNGIL SXC-1080 was in lock. Finally I get a solution and I sungil Wimode other operators can be used but with the way in inject.

I've provided for my friends who want to unlock Wimode SXC-1080,

1. Download cc cleaner to clean the old registry to the window.
2. Download drivers SXC-1080 download from here link
3. Download cdma workshop to change the RUIM be Inject, change ESN, PRL includes service on the modems.
4. Download file tool SXC-1080 unlock,
5. Download Flash files for modem SXC-1080 (only used if 1 to 4 are still not able to   signal the operator).
** The difficulties downloading Cantact with email.

Before doing the installation, we uninstall the old drivers from the cd wimode innate, then use cc_cleaner to clean the registry files, then install the downloaded driver. After all done using SXC-1080 unlock, unlock your stay just clik and then close, let the modem restart, wait a while, if the red indicator turned blue sign that you are able to signal the operator, you can use cdma workshop to see where the modem service received.

If I do have my items to 5 (to flash the modem), but when I do unlock for the other modem I do not use it, because it could be a signal. Incidentally I now use SXC-1080 using weekly flexinet Rp15.000, 00 to 128 kbps speeds, sometimes also use of mobi from MOBILE-8.

Create a new connection, via add connections, do not use the software to dial wimode up.Harus also note that SXC-1080 that I use is the first version, because he SXC-1080 there are several versions on the market.


abhishek said...

good ..keep it up to unlock other cdma phone i will try to unlock my 1080 and post result

ghilman said...

pliss help modem ane sinyalnya gak mau nangkep. abis di flash di step ke 5..

eratelecommunication said...

ikuti semua langkah, dari step 1 sampai 5, aku test sudah dicoba 100% ok

Anonymous said...

what cost 2 unlock modem sungil sxc 1080......????????????????????????.tx

jioe said...

bos...online via ym donk

mamanya bocil said...

bos..maaf..nanya bos alamat tool SXC-1080 unlock..itu dah ganti ya bos..kok nga bisa di dowload bos...mohon petunjuk alamat yang baru bos..terima kasih

pu3baladewa said...

klo yang matot bisa hidupin lagi ga ya? tolong donk setelah di unlock dan ga di centang emergency eh matot minta dung cara nya.

ari said...

bos, download cdma workshop kok gak bisa tolong dibantu dong dan tolong dikirimlan perintahnyya dari awal hingga akhir ke emailku anakkepri@gmail.com. thanks