Unlock CDMA Novatel and Sierra

In this article I will give some firmware that may be useful for us, all I took from bj-portal.

Some of us may have difficulty after getting a modem or buy a modem from the U.S..

Novatel Wireless U720 Qualcomm 3G cdma USb modem EVDO REV.A.

134 novatel - download

135 sprint - download

Sprint u720 v135 nvt - download

Sprint u720 v145 nvt - download

Verizone u720 v156 nvt - download

Merlin U720 to 134 version - download

WZV U720 sw 160 - download

Merlin U720 to 156 version - download

Novatel U720 VZW 141 FREE - download

Novatel U720 VZW 147 FREE - download

Novatel Wireless U727

Verizone U727 v124 nvt - download

Sierra Wireless Compass 597

Verizon ac 597e FW6.40.1 - download

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