Inject Number On CDMA Phone and CDMA Modem

Some CDMA phones or CDMA modem either by technology or 2000-1x EV-DO is not a supply of Ruim to Inject, the thing that's so now I will share some experiences on how inject a CDMA phone or a CDMA Modem.
Some of us might think is very difficult and complicated to use this inject-based device, it may be true, but it is not as complicated as what we think if we knew little of CDMA technology.
Some type phone there are ways to do such a search service programming code, programming service for each phone are different, the example for nokia we must enter * 3001 # 12345 #, or some type Samsung with a "menu +7 +2 +0 , can imagine how complex is to enter a number into the phone or modem inject.
As the previous article I wrote way inject Pantech, not using programming code such as mobile phones, but using free software, such as CDMA Workshop and QPST. Here is how to enter numbers into the phone Ruim or inject modem is enough by using QPST and CDMA or uni cdma workshop, I think all people who love ngoprek phone would have to know the greatness of the above software.
Function Software.

QPST (Qualcomm Product Support Tool) is an application developed by Qualcomm for mobile phones featuring Qualcomm chipset. This feature file explorer, factory test equipment, low-level communication settings, RF calibration tools, roaming list editor, programming tool services, and much more.
QPST is copyrighted, and its use is strictly intended for developers, service providers and maintenance technicians. However, the application has repeatedly appeared on the internet for download. QPST is often the only software that can access the old phones that use Qualcomm's chipsets. This software is often discussed in the forum as a tool to reconfigure the phone.

2. Cdma workshop
Cdma workshop is a software license, but now we download the software free of charge and can find the crack for the software. The function of this software clearly no doubt, with this software you can enter numbers, change ESN, PRL upload, can also be to dismantle the security of our CDMA devices.

3. Uni cdma
Cdma Union serves not far from cdma workshop, cumin cdma Union is not as complete simpler cdma workshop, I really like using this software, because it is very simple and easy to use either to replace or insert Akey ESN and SSD-A and SSD-B .
Well here I will give some insights that might be useful for all the friends, the following ways inject phone or modem that uses Qualcomm's chipsets.
1. Prepare your inject numbers, here we have to have data from a number which we will input into the mobile phone number inject such as Min, Akey or SSD-A and SSD-B, Directory number / card number, ESN is also possible we prepared earlier .
2. Attach the device we are both cdma modem or mobile phone, either serial or USB, which is of course if the USB connections we need to know is where is the location of the USB virtual com port is used.
3. Open cdma workshop, on the menu tab and select phone or modem communications with our PC, and then we select "comX" for after we know where are the com port for the phone or our CDMA modem. After that, click connect and then click QCDM. If connected successfully we will see the writings on the right column.
4. Still with cdma workshop we go into the security tab, here we can make change ESN, see SPC (Service Programming Code) we can choose the type of phone in the "Password (16 digits)". Not all CDMAterdaftar phone or modem in the list, but if we know the 16 digit password, we can custom password by using the column-2.
After a 16-digit sukse enter a password, you also can enter A-key atu SSD-A / SSD-B in Cave tab. We can also upload PRL in other tabs. To enter a number we can use the NAM tab.
5. In addition to using "cdma workshop" to enter a number or min number perngkat setting bebrapa also can use QPST. It's just that QPST can not be used to change ESN and enter A-key.
6. To change the ESN with cdma workshop but can also use the cdma Union, only when using cdma Union we must know the 16 digit phone password all, because it does not provide such direct cdmaworkshop.
All of which made the above will not make a phone or modem to die, because the software process is over not using the flash or format.

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