TEST MODEM done on Pantech Mobi Packet sell

After introducing the GSM 3G era that began enjoyed by people in Indonesia although only a few big cities only, we are finally introduced with the new technology called HSDPA, the data access speed of up to 3.2 Mbps. Seemingly does not want to lose CDMA has also been set up weapons be EV-DO and EV-DV.
CDMA 2000 1x technology is still the alternative to GSM and GPRS technology, known as 2G/2.5G. In the era of 3G, technology, CDMA 2000-1x will be evolved into CDMA EV-DO and CDMA EV-DV.
OK, now we will discuss about the EV-DO is used by the MOBILE-8 at the time of this product with a name in the Mobi. Indeed, some operators have already issued the EV-DO technology, such as this and also StarOne SMART. But I only do testing to keep the signal on this Mobi only, and may indeed not what I do also praktekan bias in the service, such as SMART or StarOne.
The discussion this time I as I want to give you how to stabilize the signal EV-DO Broadband Mobi. This is only my praktekan try to connect my modem to use Mobi Pantech PX-1500 and its results was quite good, I usually drop out of the way but can not anymore.
This trick may also be used to CDMA modem other than the Pantech PX-1500 Packet of mobile-8.

This is very traditional but the smell modern times ... ... ....
1. Prepare the strip CD / VCD / DVD that is not used anymore, but it should be the original or the surface of silver (not a blank CD).

2. Enter cd to perforation of the antenna on the modem, that modemnya must use an extension cord is not nempel in your PC or laptop. If using an extension cord must be of high quality cable, because cable is usually a low quality modems result in error or not terdetesi.

For more details please donload
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Yap .... with just two easy steps that now I no longer lack of signal Broadband, a very easy.

Sorry I do not discuss here the reason why only the signal bits cd just so good and more stable, you can search for materials are used to make a cd so that it can strip to add EV-DO signal.


Anonymous said...

ulasan yang bagus sekali dan pasti sangat bermanfaat bro..tengkyu...dilanjut terus

Anonymous said...

Wah kayanya bung iwan dapat royalty nih dari mobi.....jangan lupa kl dah dapet bagi2 ya...