Troubleshooting & Unlock CDMA Nexian

Due to the large number of CDMA mobile phone Nexian with different type, then we will be here a little membahasnya. In general, this phone is not much different from the mobile phone, china mobile phone, in general, ranging from the cheap price, feature the full rate is friendly to use, especially now it is out products that are similar to BlackBarry.

Price offered by the manufacturer is will be spend pocket too much because they are usually in cooperation with both parties in this case the Provider, such as CDMA Mobile-8, Esia, Flexi GSM provider and also as a program with BUNDLING XL.

Damage to the Nexian occurred because PCB is generally used very thin, so bad was not too difficult, which we are a little courage. Rarely occurs because of damage softwatre error, but most occur due to excessive heat, stored in a pants pocket, a result that is the thin PCB because some components on the board does not stick to it.

Here we will only provide ways of overcoming the damage because the damage that occurred because it is a quality of material used by the PCB Nexian.

Here I give tips and tricks you perform before flashing the firmware, you die because HP is not necessarily damage the software.

That happens frequently CASE
- SOME KEY Keypad not function
- Appears only initialisation
- Restart
- only glowing keypad
- total dad (EVEN IF glowing keypad GAK) NOT FOR ANY OF FLASH

The solution
- SOME KEY Keypad not function = REHOT CPU ONLY
- only command initialisation REHOT = CPU FLASH IC FLASH ROM ULANG ONLY CP
- only glowing keypad = "Blue"] REHOT CPU FLASH IC FLASH ROM CP ULANG ONLY [/ color]
- total dad (EVEN IF glowing keypad GAK) NOT FOR ANY OF FLASH = "Blue" REHOT CPU FLASH IC FLASH ROM CP ULANG ONLY [/ color]

- be carefull in REHOT doing, DO NOT TOO LAMA (2 min), evenly Strive In, in continuous flux
- Strive REHOT CHECK IN AFTER DIRECT, Modem BATRE, press ON glowing keypad MUST BE MORE OF 2 sec, IF MORE FROM glowing keypad sec 2, DOS REHOT BACK
- Glowing keypad AFTER BEFORE IN ON 2 sec, FUNction to do the order for FLASH ROM succes CP. The problem is caused false CP FLASH ROM CAN NOT accept POSITION IN CPU
- DO NOT do it BOOT FLASH IC FLASH POSITION If the weak can full dad (MUST LABTOOL).
- Repeat Again failing how way THE ABOVE

You can download the software for free Nexian here:

Nexian tutorial
USB Drivers part I
USB Drivers part II
I Viapim Setup
I Viapim Setup

I'm so over the files before us is only for learning only, because I assumes, we buy something that is right for us to make anything any earlier. I am pleased that in this blog we can together to exchange ideas and learn together for the betterment da INDONESIA Prosperity, we must remember not to be a big Burden to the small but we can still help him.

Hopefully God can increase our knowledge together .......... Amen.

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Budi said...

dear mas iwan. saya seorang pemula yang bodoh dan takut salah. jadi intinya kalau kita mau nyoba unlock nexian g900 dengan semua software yg mas iwan kasih bisa ?